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New Born Family Trolley with Brake

New Born Family Trolley with Brake

Product Code: FYNBSP

This family trolley option has a raised solid seat with 3-point harness for the security of the infant. They are used only by babies not yet sitting up safely enough to go in a standard trolley flip-out seat and are extremely popular with families. We fit the raised plastic moulded baby-seats to our new Marsanz trolleys in the UK. It is not the standard Marsanz raised baby-seat which is a cushioned version, we felt that this option offered the same but was easier to keep clean and dry, if you prefer the Marsanz option we can supply these also. For all our family trolleys as standard we use a 210L wire shopping trolley with a braked castor. This is a large enough trolley to take the additional weight and height of the trolley without causing a concern and the addition of a braked castor enhances the safety of this trolley. We can fit the family trolley system on larger trolleys and some can fit on the 180L however we recommend the 210L as it suits each of the family trolley options.


Length: 1027mm
Width: 610mm
Height: 1035mm
125mm ⌀ Wheels
Advert Holder
Coin Lock