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Fight the spread of disease and infection with antimicrobial trolley handle protection film

Did you know Supermarket shopping trolleys have 361 times more bacteria than a toilet or door knob?

 ¾ of trolleys across a range of stores swabbed by scientists contained extremely harmful bacterial such as E.coli and salmonella. Most shoppers were oblivious to cleanliness when shopping, but the COVID pandemic has made people much more aware.

We are now working with HyLayer who create strong and durable antimicrobial film that kills 99.9% of bacteria and viruses, including Coronavirus. Hylayer antimicrobial films have been tested by independent microbiology laboratory to ISO 22196 standards. The film simply gets fitted to trolley handles and works instantly, providing users with a much safer shop. The film is completely clear so branding and advertising on the trolley handle will still be seen.

Why now do retailers need to be more aware and cautious of the safety of their shoppers?

The pandemic has changed many individual’s views of everyday life, such as petrol stations and the unhygienic pump handle, door handles, other people’s cars and of course trolley handles!

We completed our own research in October 2020. After asking 2000 adults a series of questions regarding grocery store cleanliness we found more than half are worried about catching COVID and other illnesses in supermarkets. When choosing a place to shop they consider if the store is advertising and showing that they regularly clean their trolleys and baskets.

38% of shoppers are more likely to return to a store that has been COVID secure throughout the pandemic, even when the pandemic is over. Two thirds of people asked said supermarkets should do more to maintain good hygiene standards and only 7% think that supermarkets have good hygiene practices.

Why HyLayer?

The properties of HyLayer antimicrobial film products work 24/7, and even between additional cleaning schedules. It is also easy to maintain and is tarnish resistant. The film continually breaks down potentially hazardous microbes as an added layer to regular cleaning and disinfecting regime. The film sticks to any surface and is certified to continually kill 99.9% of bacteria, including COVID19. The film is completely clear so any branding or advertising on the trolley handle will still be visible. With the film you will receive an information sticker to put onto the trolley handle which will advertise to customers that the trolley has been made secure, this will result in improved customer loyalty.

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Systec Clip on panel

This product is something that could be very useful for you and your customers. These are clip on advertising slots that you can attach to your trolley handle yourself or we can send someone to do it for you. They are made by Systec so are great quality. They are a compact design with one advertising panel. Ideal when coin locks have already been mounted, these can be attached to any trolley if the handle is rounded. Equipped with one advertising panel on top offering a large area for private label or third-party advertising. For example, a supermarket could use these to advertise their current deals, also over busy sales periods such as Christmas there could be reminders for the customer such as mince pies. The clear plastic cover is easily removed so that the advertisement/information inside can be changed when you want. This is a new product which we can see being popular. We current stock these in Grey however if another colour was necessary for you we can order them.

Araven’s 65 Litre 4 Wheeled trolley

We have recently starting stocking Araven’s 65 Litre 4 Wheeled trolley. This product is perfect for all stores and even personal use. This has been ordered previously by someone who wanted their own personal trolley to take to the shop. The size means it can hold many products without effecting the mobility. This 65L plastic basket is easy to control and easy to move around a store making shopping effortless. The wide, flat base provides a large space for goods and makes is easy for customers to organise and arrange products. This basket has a very long life and is extremely strong therefore it is popular in all stores. As it is tall it is comfortable to pull along behind, in front or next to you whilst you shop. Trolley baskets are incredibly popular as the customer can fill the basket as much as they need without feeling the impact of the weight, unlike a traditional basket. They have been proven to increase the customer spend due to not carrying the basket around the store.

This is available with a grey basket and coloured handle. We can also add your logo so that it is recognised to be your store and decreases the chance of theft. As standard the trolley basket has 2 fixed wheels (50mm) and 2 swivel wheels (30mm). We have many other plastic trolley baskets, shopping trolleys and hand baskets browse our site to find more information.