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Maintenance & Servicing

No matter how long you have had your trolleys and where you got them from, we have engineers that will come to you and replace/repair what they can. They may recommend that you buy a new one if your current one is not worth fixing. Our engineers can replace and fix castors, child seats and handles. If your company is re-branding, they can also change the colours of your handles and end caps and have new logos printed.

We also offer trolley servicing where your trolleys will be picked up and taken for up to 4 weeks to be refurbished. This includes cleaning, checks for faults and any hazards, spot welding, replacing of anything that is needed and re plating, so they look shiny and new again, this service starts at as little as £3.50 per trolley. Whilst we have your trolleys we will replace them with some temporary ones so you do not have to worry about hiring them or being without them. This service is a great, cheap way to keep your customers safe and maximise their shopping experience without buying a whole new fleet of trolleys.

Contact us if this is something you are interested in.