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Tall Coloured Handle Trolley Basket

Tall Coloured Handle Trolley Basket

Product Code: PCTYN65GCP

This trolley basket is simple and comfortable and made with the best quality materials. It has smooth round edges to avoid catching on things such as customer clothing. The flat base allows customers to fill the basket with products therefore increasing how much they spend in your store. It has rear fixed wheels of 75mm and front swiveling wheels of 50mm. Unlike other trolley baskets the wheels do not interfere with the base of the basket meaning they are not taking up space that could be used for products. The main handle is high enough that it is comfortable for all users to pull the basket along with ease. The basket itself has 3 additional grip handles meaning the trolley basket can comfortably be pulled/picked up, due to its large size this is very useful to have. This trolley basket can be fully customised with your logo and colours. These can stack neatly into each other which saves you floor space.

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Length: 50mm
Width: 40mm
Height: 86mm
Castors: 2 75mm Fixed, 2 50mm Swivel
Capacity: 65L

Available Branded.
Available in Bespoke Colours.

Available Colour Options