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In this age of all businesses looking to be more environmentally sustainable and perhaps also keeping a closer eye on budgets, having your current trolley fleet fully refurbished or purchasing refurbished trolleys to match in and nest correctly is becoming more and more popular.

Refurbished trolleys go through a stepped process as follows:

  1. The trolleys are jet washed to clean them thoroughly
  2. The trolleys are fully serviced
  3. The chassis is straightened, as best as possible, so wheels run in the right direction again.
  4. Any welding is done to mend the metal work.
  5. All parts such as wheels, castors, handles and seats are removed and the trolleys are taken to be re-plated with a new coat of plated zinc.
  6. All removed parts are checked through thoroughly and disposed of if they are not of a good quality.
  7. The trolleys come back to the workshop and have the parts fitted back on them.
  8. They are then ready to be delivered back to the customers site.

While the trolleys are being refurbished we can supply trolleys on loan for customers to use.

The re-plating process is the longest and most expensive part of the process. Usually it takes two weeks from when we deliver the trolleys to the re-platers to get them back to the workshop. Some customers have everything else done on the refurbishment service except the re-plating which we are happy to arrange. In some cases, if no re-plating is required then the refurbishment work can be mainly completed on site with only a few trolleys being taken back to the workshop that need more critical mending. This can dramatically reduce the time and inconvenience to the store.

If you would like a quote for refurbishing your current fleet then do please email with pictures of your trolleys highlighting any particular areas of concern and we can provide a quotation for the work for you to consider.