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Mid Size 45 Litre Trolley Basket

Mid Size 45 Litre Trolley Basket

Product Code: PCTTYN45GC

This trolley basket is new to retailers. At 45 litres it is the perfect size for supermarkets as it is slightly wider and deeper than the 34 litre basket. This basket does not tip or fall over when not in use so makes it easier for staff to keep shop floor clear. The basket can be branded and is available in a range of colours and has a stacker to keep them tidy when not in use. We have a great range of trolley baskets available in different sizes and styles. This trolley basket is made from recycled fishing nets and ropes that would have ended up in the ocean, trapping and killing marine animals.

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Length: TBCmm
Width: TBCmm
Height: TBCmm
Capacity: 45L

Available Colour Options