Stockists of high quality shopping trolleys, specialist trolleys and a full range of retailers baskets with competitive pricing and significant volume discounts. Our knowledgeable sales team are able to advise on product options and offer a managed design service for own logo branding and bespoke design. New and used products available to be shipped promptly with honest carriage prices. Comprehensive warranty on all products sold or work carried out by Formbar Limited. Other services include trolley bays, trolley security systems, drop shipping for resellers, hire service to cover annual trade peaks, maintenance and trolley fleet servicing.

If you are interested in our range of anti-slip coatings please visit: www.antislipcoatings.co.uk

We would be happy to discuss your requirements so call or email us to see how we can help you.

Shopping Trolleys

Shopping Trolleys

Before customers have even entered the store to see the quality of the produce available to purchase they are pushing a trolley. A high quality and easy to manoeuvre trolley with a safe child seat and comfortable handle gives the customer a great first impression; they enter the store in a positive buying mood. Wonky castors or rusty frames put customers in a negative frame of mind as they start their shopping – act today, complete the enquiry form below or call Formbar for a quote.

Wire Shopping Trolleys »

New high quality Marsanz shopping trolleys from the small 50 litre to the large 240 litre plus garden centre trolleys, merchandisers and more are in stock. Marsanz are one of the top two European trolley manufacturers and they produce a fantastic product that meets all European safety standards. As the UK importers we can bring in any of the Marsanz range so if you need a checkout, roll cage or any of their products call us for a quote.

Plastic Trolleys »

Formbar are pleased to announce that we are the new and exclusive UK distributors for the Polycart range of innovative plastic shopping trolleys. Sturdy yet lightweight, the plastic does not deform or rust so little maintenance is required. The rounded edges to the body and chassis mean less impact force in a collision, and even if there is damage, broken parts can be easily replaced and recycled, as can the whole trolley. The manufacturing process is clean and eco-friendly and the materials used in trolley construction enable easier and cheaper transport and storage, making the trolley less likely to be stolen; no metal means no scrap value. Shoppers will love the colourful and manoeuvrable Polycart trolley, and the silence of its movement will make the store a quieter place to be. Polycart trolleys are grey as standard, with branded handles at no extra cost. However the gate, basket and accessories can be provided in many colours with red, green, blue, orange and yellow stock colours, please contact us for more details. As with all of our products, coin locks can be added.

The innovative LOOP 100 & 160 litre plastic trolleys with wrap around handle for 3600 handling, is also part of this range.

Family Trolleys »

Family trolleys are a great asset to stores. Customers in need of a particular baby set up, be it new-born or twins will make purchasing decisions according to the most convenient place to shop with their children. Our family trolley range is in line with all current guidance by using as the base a minimum of the 210 Litre capacity trolley with a braked caster. Available we have a range of new born cradles, moulded baby seats with 3-point harness and twin toddler seats.

Specialist Shopping Trolleys »

We have a large range of trolleys some new in stock, some refurbished and some manufactured to order that cover a wide range of specialist requirements. Disabled trolleys for wheelchair use, online order picking, children’s trolleys, merchandising, security roll cages, DIY panel trolleys, flatbed trucks, pump trucks and more. This stock varies so if you cannot see what you are looking for do contact us as we will be able to source what you need.

Reconditioned Shopping Trolleys »

Our reconditioned trolleys are fully serviced and mended by professional trolley engineers then they are re-plated so they look like new and last as long. Castors are all checked thoroughly serviced and replaced where necessary. They are a great option for stores working to a budget or who need to match an existing trolley in their fleet. We can also offer a refurbishing service, retro-fit of branded handles or trolley locks and other maintenance services to re-vamp your current trolley fleet.

Shopping Baskets

Shopping Baskets

Often the first item a customer touches in a store is the basket they are going to fill with their shopping. To create the right impression all shopping baskets need to be strong, have a good sturdy ergonomic handle, be the right size and shape for the goods available in the store and be neatly stored in a well-designed stacker within easy reach of the shopper. If a basket is too small, feels weak or is uncomfortable to carry the customer will not have confidence in it to carry it filled around the store so inevitably will buy less.

We offer a comprehensive choice of high quality wire and plastic shopping baskets and stackers, so whatever your needs we have the products to meet them. All the baskets we sell are available in a range of colours as standard or we can have bespoke colours produced to order. There are different branding options for baskets available and for certain baskets we can offer a branding service on just as little as 50 baskets. We offer very competitive volume discounts so complete the enquiry form below or call for a quote today.

Plastic Shopping Baskets »

You may think that one plastic hand basket is much like another but Formbar offers a variety of sizes, colours and shapes with stackers made to suit each. If you are looking for a traditional rectangular shape or something that will really stand out in the crowd we have a solution for you. Plastic baskets are the easiest to brand and there are different options for applying logos or strap lines. Email us your logo and requirements and we will be happy to provide a branding quote.

Wire Shopping Baskets »

The traditional rectangular wire basket is always popular, very familiar to customers, strong, durable all that is required from a basket. An exclusive alternative is our patented design of Oval wire baskets called The Ellipse. These are very attractive, ergonomic, extra capacity baskets that suit a variety of retailers from farm shops or delis to pharmacies and department stores. We have standard colours for handles but we can have bespoke colours produced to match your brand.

Trolley Baskets »

Five years ago no one had seen a trolley basket and now they are in large and small retailers, garden centres and convenience stores. Customers know them and use them. Manufacturers’ studies show that if trolley baskets are available then spend per customer increases just because they are not carrying a heavy basket. We have three different shapes and volumes in stock so we have the right option for your store.

Produce Crates »

Produce crates have been used in store rooms and grocery displays for a long time and now they are an integral part of the online shopping fulfilment process. The advantage over other systems is that our crates nest inside each other when not in use and stack safely on top of each other when full of produce. Available in a variety of colours and 2 volumes we are seeing retailers ordering these increasingly as standard for new store openings and re-fits.