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The last few years have seen the advent of plastic and poly-steel shopping trolleys which release designers from the constraints of wire so shapes and volumes are changing. Coloured wire trolleys and baskets are available with low minimum orders. New branding options with short run digital printing and the explosion in availability of trolley baskets to name a few of the innovations that have affected our products recently.

We read the trade press, attend the trade shows and listen to our customers to make sure we consider each new idea carefully and then we stock and sell only the best of what we can source.

NEW Polycart Trolleys
NEW Polycart Plastic Trolleys

NEW Polycart Plastic Trolleys

Introducing our brand new range of all plastic shopping trolleys – Polycart ™

Polycart shopping trolleys may challenge current perception of trolley design and surprise customers, but once shoppers realise how easy they are to push and steer, they will load them up with items to purchase and come back to use them again.

Benefits for Shoppers & Retailers:

  • Sturdy non-deformable plastic means Polycart Shopping Trolleys never lose their original shape; metal trolleys, when bent, can suffer from wheel alignment issues making them difficult to steer and uncomfortable to push.
  • Silent high quality castors, (with added hubcaps to prevent thread tangling) aid in-store maneuverability
  • Attractive, innovative design with a choice of colours to help stores stand out from the crowd.
  • Branded handles as standard at no extra cost
  • Long life span – Polycart trolleys do not rust, have a very low steal rate (due to no scrap value) and require very little maintenance
  • 3 Year Warranty as standard
  • Minimize impact damage on people, cars and shop fittings; unlike a metal trolley, Polycart trolleys have rounded edges and lightly flex so cushioning the impact
  • Eco-friendly by design; Polycart trolleys are fully recyclable at end of life and energy consumption in manufacturing, transport and recycling are much lower than with metal trolleys
  • The material and the pigments used in manufacture are all approved for contact with food.
  • Different design does not mean different configuration; all the usual accessories such as bag hooks, child seats, coin locks etc. are available.

Robust and compact, these trolleys are all across the world being used by happy shoppers every day. The UK is yet to catch up with this trolley revolution; at Formbar we hope we will start to see these nationwide.

We offer a “Try before you Buy” scheme – so if you would like to trial Polycart trolleys in your store or place an order, please call or email us and we will be happy to help.

55L Trolley Basket
55L Trolley Basket

55L Trolley Basket

Introducing the new 55 litre trolley basket from Araven. This strong but very light trolley basket has a single handle to pull the basket along and 4 grip holds so it can be picked up from all sides. The 55L has an extra-reinforced ribbed base which is completely flat allowing for goods to be stacked easily inside. The pull along handle adapts to different user heights and the grip is rounded making this an ergonomic basket. The castors are of a high quality with 2 fixed and 2 swivel, therefore the basket manoeuvres easily without tipping and can hold up to 40kg.

Dimensions: 590 x 490 x 452H mm

Weight: 1.7kg

Stock Colours: Black/Blue, Black/Green, Black/Red & Black/Yellow

Loop & 34L Trolley Basket
Loop & 34L Trolley Basket

New Colour Co-ordinated Araven Products

In stock we also have the Loop shopping trolley and 34L trolley baskets in the same range of colours as the new 55L trolley basket, offering our customers the opportunity to put in a matching stylish basket and trolley combination to suit their customers. Branding options available with low minimum order quantities.

Snupy Two Tier Basket Trolley

Snupy Two-Tier Basket Trolley

In the past wire two tier basket trolleys have been too large therefore not suitable for the convenience stores, the Snupy is different. Ideal for narrow aisles the innovative design uses as little floor space as possible to give maximum capacity, it has full stability due to the 4 high quality silent castors. This trolley is light weight and with 2 swivel and 2 fixed castors extremely easy to manoeuver around tight spaces.

The Snupy fits 2x 28 litre Great shopping baskets and then at the back there are two 2 litre bottle holders and a bag/hanging hook.

Dimensions: 600 x 480 x 985H mm

Weight: 8kg

Stock colour: Black

Other colours can be manufactured to order subject to minimum order quantities.

Nesting distance: 160mm

4 trolleys fit in 1m.

Great Basket
Great Basket

Great Basket

The 28 litre extra capacity plastic Great Basket is extremely sturdy. The single handle locks in the up position easily with a comfortable grip. This high quality basket can be used as a stand-alone basket or in conjunction with the Snupy two tier basket trolley. They are vertically stackable and there is a bespoke stand for easy storage. Available in four colours this will inevitably prove to be a popular choice with retailers. Customisation options available.

Dimensions: 480 x 300 x 300H mm

Weight: 0.9kg

Colours: Black, Blue, Green, Red