Formbar opened in 2005 by Simon Nickson. Simon was working for a company that held the UK importers agreement for Marsanz Shopping Trolleys and Zest Polyurethane Coatings. Unfortunately this company went under and Simon was offered these two distributorships.  Over the years Simon has added further products that complimented particularly the Shopping Trolleys by including a wide range of hand baskets, rolling trolley baskets and accessories.
Our customers are independent retailers, convenience stores, garden centres, warehouses, distribution centres, departments stores, large chain stores and more. Some of the branded goods we hold in stock ready to ship to branches are for:

Mainly our Anti-slip coatings are sold by distributors and Formbar is the European hub for importing the range from the manufacturer in South Africa. Our website www.antislipcoatings.co.uk has all the information you need for this range, plus a list of European distributors waiting to take your orders.
Formbar is a small business and thrives on all the advantages this brings. No call centres, no big corporate machine to make pricing decisions, tailored service to each customer, friendly customer service and simple ordering processes.